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1983 Suzuki GS1100E
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Production: 1980-83
Claimed Power:108hp @ 8500rmp (1983)

Top Speed: 140mph
Engine type: 1,074cc air-cooled DOHC 16-valve inline four
Weight: 552lb (w/half-tank fuel)
MPG: 35-55mpg
1983 Price: $4,350
2015 Mileage: 16,000
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The Suzuki GS series is a line of Suzuki motorcycles with air-cooled parallel-twin and Inline four engines with two or four valves per cylinder. The GS-range of models are considered to be examples of Universal Japanese motorcycles. The range of motorcycles in the series had engine displacements between 125 cc and 1100 cc, and include the GS400 and GS500. The GS series also include the original Katana series, although the 1100 had 16 valves, thus being a GSX. It was however still designated as a GS on some markets.

My mother purchased this bike new and gave it to me in the year 2000.

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